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Pack of 2 Multi Purpose Rust Remover Spray, Multi-Purpose Rust Remover Spray with Quick Action, Multi Functional Rust Eliminator, Multi Functional Rust Eradicator, Universal Rust Eliminator, 100Ml

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Car rust removal spray, All-Purpose Spray for Rust Removal, Multi-purpose Rust Removal Spray, Comprehensive Multi-purpose Rust Remover Spray, Complete Rust Elimination, All-in-One Rust Remover Spray for Versatile Applications
Features :
1. Mild Formula: Remove the rust on the surface of the engine, bicycle chain, door handles and bumpers, pipes, metal furniture, etc.
2. Quick recovery: Just spray it, restore the original luster. It is not recommended to use items with a high gloss surface.
3. Multipurpose use: Can be applied on bath, toilet, car surface, and more.
1.Shake evenly before use
2.Spray the lubricant on the surface
3.The rust removal area needs to be sanded with sandpaper before spraying the lubricant
4.The slotted hole uses a centralized nozzle, and the spray nozzle is used in a large area.
Name: Car Rust Removal Spray
State: Liquid
Purpose: rust lubricant
Capacity: 100ml
Packing size: about 17*4cm/6.69*1.57in
Storage method: store in a cool place
Package Included:
2 pcs * Car Rust Removal Spray
2 pcs * Sponge
2 pcs * Cleaning Cloth

  • 【Instant Result】 Easily remove the toughest rust on all metal, chrome surfaces in 3 mins

  • 【Restore The Shine】 Just 1 spray, the rust will be dissolved rust stains completely without the need of scrubbing

  • 【Long-lasting Protection】 In addition to removing rust, it also forms a protective coating that prevents rust from re-forming

  • 【Rinse-Free】 Simply spray on the rusty surface. No scrubbing nor any protective gear needed

  • 【Multipurpose】 Can be applied on bath, toilet, car surface and more

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